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Premium Bottle water

Premium Mineral Water

Premium Bottle offers a variety of premium high quality mineral water. We are the only exclusive distributor in Ireland for these top brands: Numen – Solan de Cabras – Perlage


The Best Olive Oil in the World

We understand that no two palates are alike and our ever-expanding line of olive oil is specially chosen to offer something for everyone. Whether it fruity Arbequina from Andalusia; or a powerfully pungent Moraiolo from Tuscany, we have the perfect olive oil just for you. We hand-pick all of our oils to make sure that we only feature the best Spanish and Italian extra virgin olive oils. Not only has every oil been personally chosen for its outstanding quality, flavor and aromas, but also for the dedication and innovation of the producers who stand behind their products. For this reason we greatly value traveling to visit the passionate producers behind these oustanding oils. They walk us through their olive groves, sharing the history of their company and passion for olive oil; we observe their meticulous production methods from harvest to press and of course, we sample their freshly-pressed olive oil as it pours out of the tap, partaking in the pleasure of tasting the results of their hard work.


Balsamic vinegar

Aceto Balsamico di Modena

Our Balsamic have a great tradition, extremely modern, elegant and refined; a true and full expression of its land of origin. Traditional Balsamic vinegar adds a touch of luxury to any dish. Add just a few drops to fish, meat and vegetables and desserts just before serving. Each Balsamic Vinegar is the result of a specific, unique project where different variables contribute to achieve excellence. The nectar coming from these bottles diffuses the passion and love of the Traditional Balsamic Vinegar. It should be tasted in the most important moments of life, just like a meditation wine. It is the ideal choice for those who consider experience a virtue and who wish to give their tastebuds a little corner of paradise.

No matter which one of our products you choose, your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Premium Bottle offers a variety of premium waters, extra virgin olive oils and vinegars from top producers around the world.
We are the exclusive distributor of olive oils, balsamic vinegars and premium water brands.

We are the sole distributor for these top brands:

Numen – Solan de Cabras – Perlage