Cuvee 16 Balsamic Vinegar 16 years old

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The Antica Acetaia La Secchia balsamic vinegar of Modena is the fruit of a long artisanal experience based on a love for tradition and a respect for its ”rules”. The balsamic vinegar is produced using the highest quality of raw materials as well as rigorous and accurate procedures that exclude any use of chemical additives or artificial flavourings. The results is a full bodies and balanced balsamic vinegar, where sweet and sour fuse together in perfect harmony to accompany and bring out the flavours of some of your favourite dishes. Every Cuvee is the result of patiently selecting just the right autoctone cooked must grapes aged in wooden barrels, which represnt a line of excellent balsamic vinegar that is capable of satisfying even the most refined culinary requests.

This is an excellent quality of balsamic vinegar , which has interesting organoleptic characteristick thanks to its ageing in juniper barrels. It goes excellently with game meat and hot or spiced cheeses.